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We accept return on the following terms:

  1. Any of the material is as not described by us.
    •  Mail has to be forwarded and on confirmation from Coins and Stamps only the material has to be returned.
  2. Coins and Stamps will confirm through mail the shipping option to be taken for sending back the material.
  3. Return has to be initiated within 3 days from the receipt of Material.


We accept refund on the following terms:

  1. Items not available which is ordered.
    • The refund will be initiated within 2-7 working days.
  2. Items Sent as Insured and has been Missing.
    • The missing item complaint has to be registered and based on the verification with the shipping company the refund will be processed.
  3. Wrong Items supplied by us.
    • Return and refund has to be initiated within 3 days from the receipt of material.
    • On verification from our side regarding the wrong supply if any from our stock.
    • Subject to material being returned to us in the same condition despacthed by us and as per the shipping option intimated by us.
    • The refund will be initiated within 2-7 working days from the receipt of item at our store.
  4. As guarenteed by us all items sold are genuinie and we verify the same with our experience and our Knowledge but if any of the items sold byus is found fake will be refuneded.
    • The return can be intiated with proper supporting of the product being fake on verification.
    • first have to intimate us with the supporting document of verification and image of the product.
    • we will guide you to return the product after cross checking the documents.
    • will start the refund within 3 working days from the product being recieved.