This category contains coins from all part of Africa. It includes Old Coins and New Coins. East Africa Coins, Rhodesia Coins, Nigeria Coins, Ethiopia Coins, Egypt Coins, Congo Coins, Tanzania Coins, South Africa Coins, Kenya Coins, Uganda Coins, Algeria Coins French Algeria Coins, Sudan Coins, South Sudan Coins, Morocco coins, French Morocco Coins, Angola Coins, Portuguese Angola Coins, Mozambique Coins, Portuguese Mozambique Coins, Ghana Coins, Madagascar Coins, Malagasy Coins, Cameroon Coins, Malawi Coins, Mali Coins, Zambia Coins, Zimbabwe Coins, Senegal Coins, Chad Coins, Somalia Coins, Somali land Coins, Guinea Coins, Rwanda Coins, Tunisia Coins, Burundi Coins, Togo Coins, Sierra Leone Coins, Libya Coins, Eritrea Coins, Liberia Coins, Central African Republic Coins, Central African State Coins, West African States Coins, Mauritania Coins, Namibia Coins, Botswana Coins, Lesotho Coins, Gambia Coins, Gabon Coins, Guinea Bissau Coins, Swaziland Coins, Equatorial Guinea Coins, Mauritius Coins, British Mauritius Coins, Djibouti Coins, Comoros Coins, Cabo Verde Coins, Sao Tome and Principe Coins, Seychelles Coins, British Colonial Coins, Portuguese Colonial Coins, French Colonial Coins, Italian Occupation Coins, German Occupation Coins,